CardioWaltz is an innovative approach to cardiovascular disease prevention. It is a healthy blend of risk modification through regular exercise sessions, professional dance tutorials, educational programs and vascular screening clinics.


The success and longevity of any exercise program depends on adherence to the program and a sense of passion to the activity embarked upon. Dancing has been scientifically proven to be both safe and beneficial in individuals who have had heart attacks and heart failure in the past.


Regular exercise in any form is well known to reduce blood pressure, lower the total and bad cholesterol (LDL), lower triglycerides (TG), raise the good cholesterol (HDL), lower blood sugar and prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. It may even help to shift the bad LDL to less harmful LDL and help prepare the heart to effectively deal with a catastrophic event like a major heart attack(by a process of ischemic preconditioning)

Dr. Justin Ferns M.D.,FACC

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Dr. Justin Ferns M.D. FACC

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